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Six Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Doors

A garage door increases the curb appeal of your house and adds more value to your property. Get a garage door that compliments your house and makes it look good. With time, your garage door will start losing its charm and need repair or replacement. If you are not sure about repairing or replacing your old garage door, seek professional help. We, at Everlasting Garage Door Services, guarantee every single garage door we repair, service and install. Our services include garage door accessories, commercial garage doors operators, emergency garage door repair, garage door installation and home security services.

A few reasons why you should consider replacing your garage doors are:

Makes creaking noises

If your garage door is making weird noises when you open and close it, make sure to identify the source of the noise for safety reasons. If you lack time to figure it out, call a professional and schedule an appointment for a tune-up. Don’t sit on it for too long, as a minor creak can result in fatal accidents. Protect yourself and your family by repairing or replacing the garage door.


Flaking paint and rust

If the paint on your garage door keeps flaking no matter how many times you repaint it, it is high time that you get the door replaced. There is a wide variety of styles and designs that you can choose. You can even customize your garage door if you want.


Rugged appearance

If your garage door has lost its charm and looks weary and old, you should get a new one. A poor looking door adds no value to your house, and on the contrary, reduces its value. If you plan to sell your house, you need to get the garage door replaced as it can fetch you a good price. An unattractive garage door will ruin the overall aesthetic value of your property. 


Opener is broken

If you have an electric door opener in your garage and it seizes to function properly, you should replace it. A broken opener can cause security emergencies, such as accidents or break-ins.


Multiple repairs aren’t working

A good garage door should last for around twenty years. If your garage door needs regular maintenance and repairs, you should probably get it changed. Investing in a good garage door can be profitable in the long-run, as it will last for a long time.

These points mentioned above are signs which indicate that your garage door needs either repair or replacement.

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